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Tango's Haus altered older adult Teacup Poodles, Tiny Toy Poodles, Toy Poodles and Miniature Poodles are placed in new adoptive homes with very reduced prices or no cost to the new owner other than the cost of the spay or neuter proceedure of our retired poodles for adoption.  If the new owners of these older Teacup Poodles, Tiny Toy Poodles, Toy Poodles and Miniature Poodles live too far away to come and pick up their newly adopted retired Poodle, then the cost of the shipping, crate and health certificate will also have to be paid by the new owners. 
I know my retired Teacup Poodles, Tiny Toy Poodles, Toy Poodles and Miniature Poodles very well and I have to screen the homes that they are going to so that I can make sure that our retired poodles for adoption are not going to be unhappy or that the new owners of our retired poodles for adoption will also not be unhappy.  The Poodles and families pictured on this page are only a few of the wonderful people that adopt older Poodles from my kennel and give them the personal care and attention that they very much deserve.  I am very proud of my breeding dogs and I am still very proud of them when it is time for them to retire and leave me to have their own families and live out the rest of their life in absolute comfort with people that love them now as I loved them when they were here with me.

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Subject: Sylvia

Hello Paula
I normally just give you a update on Sylvia around Christmas, but I'm early this year. I wanted to share with you a picture of her doing her part in Breast Cancer Awareness Week. I just thought she looked cute and wanted to share. I hope all is well with you and your family. Sylvia is still doing well (Thank The Lord) she is my shadow everywhere I go and I don't know what I would do without her. She's still not real smart about country life. She will focus on me and not where she is walking, thus the snakes are bad. I had to call her in the house the other night because there was a copperhead on the sidewalk and the cat was keeping it occupied and she was just ready to step right over it. LOL Gotta watch her like a baby when she goes out. Since she was bitten last year you would think that she would pay attention to them but it just didn't sink in. Ya Gotta Love Her and I doooooooo..... Hope you enjoy the picture.

Take Care and God Bless
Notice the Pink Toe Nails. Hee Hee. She hates the smell of the polish.

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Subject: RE: Beau DOB 9-11-2006

I have to tell Beau is so sweet and did very well with the trip home yesterday.  We introduced him to our other dog and they are getting along very well.  Beau is a good addition to our family and  we have already enjoyed his companionship.  I will keep in touch and let you know how he is doing along with pictures. Thank you again for Beau.

Hey Paula,
Mom and I thought we’d let you know how the girls are, actually they are marvelous and silly, the pair are happy and healthy at age 11.
We want to thank you again for allowing me to have these wonderful girls.
The past 5 years with Flower and 3 1/2 years with Cappi have been a delight, Mom and I enjoy their company wholeheartedly.
Kim and Dottie Linseth

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Subject: Karmen Sept 30th Photos

Hi Paula,

I know we talked twice on Monday and I'll call this weekend with an update but wanted to send you these photos that were taken almost as soon as I picked Karmen up on Monday. Her flight arrived at 1:15 and they had bused her to the cargo area I think before the passengers even got off of the plane. Of course she wasn't out of my arms but when I got her out of her kennel, I put a harness/jacket on her and leash just in case. So precious.

She's still a little confused about leaving her other life and coming to us but I know each day she gets a little more confident. Today is Thursday and the tail is finally at half-mast and higher at times now, she has picked up a toy a couple of times and put it down, she attempted to use the “stairs” to the couch when she saw the other girls using them, she wiggles her cute little self in with the rest of her new sisters in the various doggie beds that I have in the kitchen and living room like she's always been there… the little signs I love to watch for - she's still timid but I'm confident and full of love for her already.

And, you know what else? My little Diva that I thought might “shun” her… was the first to lay beside her on the floor… Flame, my other red gal and Karmen this morning played just a very quick little game of chase… and Bridgette has already cleaned her face. J

This is what makes all the bad stuff just melt away.

Oh, I've got questions that I want to ask you too so when we talk I may re-ask you some questions but I don't want to over-medicate her, I saw the rabies vaccination, has she had bordetella? I like the nasal kind, has she had the normal parvo-distemper 7n1 type shots or does your vet use those? Some vets don't after a certain age. I know you've had her on heartworm preventative, when was her last dose? Just normal stuff. I try to be very careful with the smaller dogs, especially when there's a breeder that can give me some background. Oh, and when I get her dental, is Karmen allergic (that you know of) to any kind of anesthesia? My other red gal is and I always have to look it up and request a certain kind. Anyway, we'll talk this weekend - I may even try to call this afternoon.

Thank you so very much for this sweet little gift.


Hi Paula,
Be careful what you ask for!  Last night while we were down to #1 son's house, Cathy took this picture of precious Pearl and me. Pearl is doing great and loves the 4 other dogs in our family circle.  I am so glad that they all get along because we are a very close family.
MY sons are still fighting (friendly fighting) over who gets Pearl when I die.  Think it is necessary that I add a codicil to my will, and will her to David and Cathy because Pearl knows them best and she still loves David almost as much as she loves me. She is a blessing to all of us.  Take her Friday for her dental checkup, and will keep you posted.
Hope you have received the copy of my vet bill by now.  If not, please let me know and I can have Cathy e-mail them to you.  She says I can do it on my printer, but you have to be a little smarter than the printer to accomplish that!  I just don't know how yet.  Hot and dry down here.  Hope all is well with you, and thanks again for allowing Pearl in my life.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015  11:23 AM
To:  Paula Collins
Subject:  Bandit

I wanted to send you a current picture of Bandit and again thank you.  He is wonderful!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015
To:  Paula Collins
Subject:  Bandit

My daughter absolutely loves him.  You did an amazing job raising him.  After my daughter grooms him I will send you a picture

December 14, 2015

Victoria with Santa and Karmen, Ginger and Satine!!

Merry Christmas

October 2015

Parade with the blessing of the animals ending at Grace Saint Lukes Church.  Victoria with Karmen on left and Karmen and Ginger in buggy on right.


Karmen is the mother to my Scarlett!!  I miss Karmen very much but Victoria takes such very good care of her and loves her more than you can say!!!  Thank you, Victoria!!

Here is a picture of my Scarlett, Karmen's daughter...