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Tango's Haus Poodles raises poodle puppies in these sizes;  Teacup Poodles, Tiny Toy Poodles, Toy Poodles & Miniature Poodles in all colors.  This page shows what our new poodle puppy owners have stated about our poodles for sale that they have adopted.  Our poodles for sale are sold at very affordable price in Teacup Poodles, Tiny Toy Poodles, Toy Poodles & Miniature Poodles sizes.  Our poodle puppies come in all colors and we do not in-breed or line-breed for the best genetic health in our poodle puppies.  Our poodles for sale also come with all of their preliminary shots & worming done.  Our Teacup Poodles, Tiny Toy Poodles, Toy Poodles & Miniature Poodles are all guaranteed in writing.  We do ship our puppies with Continental Airlines, which has now become United Airlines, during proper weather conditions and if they cannot be shipped with Continental/United, then we will have to ship them through "Counter to Counter" with a different airline carrier, such as Delta or American and that costs a little bit more than Continental/United charges. 


Sent: Tuesday, March 01, 2011 9:53 PM
Subject: look at this angel

I am loving this girl she has a matching coat like Libby & Maddie...will send those later....I want to put a check in the mail for the puppy pouch....I know you said they were 20.00 but what about shipping? I would like to put a check in the mail tomorrow,,,,,you raise beautiful pups


Sent: Saturday, March 19, 2011 10:12 PM
Subject: blarney

HI Paula

I thought you would enjoy these pictures......Blarney's 1st parade and her 1st Starbucks puppy latte! As you can see it has been a busy couple of days for her!

Sent: Sunday, March 06, 2011 9:00 PM
To: Paula Collins
Subject: Re: oranges...

Hi Paula, So glad you are enjoying the oranges from sunny Florida! "Bella" is doing fine. She is full of life and a little rascal! I took your advice and have decided to crate train her and it is working out real well as she is going potty outside. We all love her so much and are enjoying all her little antics! She seems to be a quick learner and has already learned the word "No." Occassionally she tries to pull my kitchen towel off of the oven handle where I hang it. I'll tell her "No" and she stops and looks at me with the cutest little eyes and then half jumps, half-runs (at the same time) over to my feet....she is just too cute. I will send pictures soon. Everyone in my Vet's office thought she was just adorable and all had to cuddle her so she felt very welcomed I'm sure. I will send pictures soon. Thanks, Rosemarie ---

Sent: Friday, March 18, 2011 8:03 PM
To: Paula Collins
Subject: Re: Puppy picture

Texas Dolly is here and doing great. she had her shot today and charmed the vet and all his staff and customers. she is something else and has taken over here, and will go for a little puppy cut on tuesday. she tipped the scales at 5.6 1/2 in the vets office. i will send you a picture as soon as someone comes around that knows how, i sure don"t. THANKS AGAIN. Bobby Morton

Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2011 4:24 PM
To: z Paula Collins
Subject: Pepper

Paula, sorry I haven't kept in closer touch. Pepper was two years old February 1. He is a great little fellow and one of my best friends. Fortunately, Joanie feels the same way.
We could not ask for a better companion and he loves us too. He's smart as a whip, as you would imagine but probably spoiled just a little.
We make a trip around the block every morning it isn't raining or extremely cold; about 1/2 mile. Sometimes we make two or three trips but he's not enthusiastic about the third. He still
likes to retrieve a tennis ball in the back yard and the same game inside with one of his toys. I'll tell him to go to his toy box in the office and bring Red (a favorite toy). I can then
throw it into any one of three rooms and this is a common game with us. He almost always knows where it goes but he recognizes when I tell him, “bedroom”, “reading room” or
wherever. It seems obvious that he recognizes many words so I talk to him a lot. I think about his brother and wish we had him too (Joanie might not agree).
I hope all is well with you and your husband.
Your friend,
Bob Noe

Sent: Monday, April 04, 2011 9:53 AM
Subject: Re: To All of My Wonderful Friends

And, here's a pic of Jo Jo with his haircut. He is very RED!
Love him!

Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 1:51 PM
Subject: Ellie Oekerman

Paula~I wanted to let you know that Ellie is doing great!! We love her so much---Mitch is really crazy about her. She loves us, too, and has adjusted to life in the Oekerman household very well. She has met the 5 grandchildren---she loves them and they all adore her! She is healthy, happy, and so very loving to everyone who sees her. We are so grateful to you for taking such great care of your dogs so when owners get them there is nothing to worry about. We hope you and George are doing well. I am attaching a picture of Ellie!
Thanks so much!

Sent: Sunday, March 27, 2011 2:17 PM
To: Paula Collins
Subject: Parker poodle update

Hi Paula,

I wanted to send you new pictures of Coco and Peanut. They were taken yesterday after they were groomed. They have grown so much and are doing great. Coco is now 5 months old and Peanut will be 4 months old tomorrow.

I hope you and George are doing well.

I will send you more pictures of the boys in a few months.

Sent: Friday, April 08, 2011 1:20 AM
To: Paula Collins
Subject: Poodles in a buggy

Hi Paula
Happy spring! I thought you would enjoy this picture, my daughter had Pixie and her "cousins" Katie and Sushi in a vintage buggy pushing them around. So adorable!! Can hardly believe our sweet Pixie is almost 2 years old. ( 6/5)
Hope all is well! Take care!

Sent: Monday, April 18, 2011 8:09 AM
To: Poodles Poodles
Subject: Charlie

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit with you Saturday.

I wanted to let you know we had a good start to the puppy getting me trained like he wants me (lol). Everything is going great. He loves his little ball I got him. It fits is mouth size perfectly. A couple of times he ran as fast as he could all around the living room playing. He's a hoot.
My first poodle was registered as “Hershey's Monday Nite Football” and I have decided to take a spin off that and register my new poodle as “Tango's Haus Tuesday Nite Football”But, I will call him Charlie.

Well, I know you are busy. May you keep your poodle on your poodle skirt this week (smile)

Bye for now,

Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2011 3:16 PM
To: Verlaine Ford; 'Robin Ford'; 'Charlotte Manos'; 'Paula Collins'; PATANE@CHARTER.NET;;;;; 'Kawehi'
Subject: Tiny Bubbles @ 7 months

She has her first big girl hair cut! I adore this little pooch!

Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 10:24 AM
To: Paula Collins
Subject: update on my little girl Louie

Mrs. Paula,

Here is a pic of Louie at her graduation from puppy education class. She did great. Louie is very smart. She loves to go outside and play - she's very curious - everything goes in her mouth....haha. We love her so much! Thanks again for our baby!!

Lori Barnes

Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 12:05 PM
Subject: Rollie

Hi Paula,
Rollie is such a joy. The vet visit went very well. He was pronounced "perfect!" He weighed in at 3# exactly. I almost thought we'd never get out of there with our new little bundle because he was so loved and had to be held by everyone! And Rollie obliged with a calm that made them love him all the more.
Rollie is adjusting very well to his new home, exploring and playing and today, running around the house at breakneck speed (for an 8 week old!). Belly flops, back flops, side skids are all a part of the fun. He's loving his new toys but we need to get a few more.
He's very smart, too, finding his food & water bowl after only showing him where it was 1 time (and it's kind of hidden). He caught onto walking on a leash very quickly. He's loving his new home. The vet cracked me up when after talking how this puppy was perfect for us he said to Rollie, "You don't know it yet, but you hit the jackpot, little guy." We feel the same way.
I gave your cards to my vet with my glowing recommendation. We couldn't be happier.
Thank you for raising wonderful pets that give us years of joy!

Sent: Monday, May 09, 2011 8:54 AM
To: Poodles Poodles
Subject: photo of Charlie B. FW: Emailing: Charlie Brown 05-06-11

"Charlie Brown"

Sent: Sunday, May 08, 2011 1:20 PM
Subject: Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day, Paula, from Bailey (and me)!!!! Her blanket hot out of the dryer a few mintutes ago.....heaven.... in Bailey's mind!

Love, Bailey & Tammy

Sent: Saturday, May 21, 2011 4:34 PM
Subject: Rusty

Just wanted to show you Rusty and how much he has grown. He weighs 7 pounds
now and is 12 weeks old.

Sent: Saturday, May 21, 2011 11:09 AM
Subject: Pic of Jo Jo and his best buddy "Uncle Moses"

Moses is our 8 year-old used-to-be stud bulldog who has since been retired and has his own chair in the living room. It is now Jo Jo and Moses' chair!
Thought you would enjoy!

Take care,

Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2011 5:47 PM
Subject: Rollie

Hi Paula,
Happy Days have come to our home when Rollie moved in!  He just got his first little "puppy do" at the doggie salon today. Everyone who meets him falls instantly in love!  He did very well.  The groomer said he was a perfect little gentleman. Our vet is within walking distance of the groomers so we HAD to take him over there afterward to show him off and while there, we had him weighed . . .  4.7# now.  What a cuddle bug.  Here's a picture of Rollie after his grooming. Now, isn't that a face a mother could love!
Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2011 11:33 AM
To: Paula Collins
Subject: Fwd: Howdy from Red....

Paula, this is a picture of "Snickers" a son of Red and a daughter of sky  He is just a real handsome boy, we thought you might enjoy this picture.  Thanks so much for letting us get them from you.

Curtis Golden

Sent: Sunday, May 29, 2011 9:29 AM
Subject: Tiny Toy Poodle


I purchased a tiny toy female puppy from you about 4 years ago and am looking for another female.

Stephanie Eivaz
Sent: Saturday, June 04, 2011 7:17 AM
To: Paula Collins
Subject: Re: Tiny Toy Poodle

Thanks for the response.  I have attached a few photos for you of Cocoa.....


Sent: Sunday, June 05, 2011 9:05 PM
Subject: Zeus' new summer do

Sent: Thursday, June 09, 2011 10:55 AM
To: Paula Collins
Subject: Matias

P aula,
I hope you are doing well.  I am sending you a recent picture of Matias.  He does have a big boy bed now, but for some reason, when he is really tired, he goes to his baby bed, which is now a toy receptacle.  
Sent: Saturday, June 18, 2011 11:45 AM
Subject: The Tuffield boys

Hi Paula!  Just a quick update on the boys...  We are having an absolute blast with them, they are already going to the door to go out when they need to... and are sleeping about 7 hours overnight without any drama.  They had thier first vet visit, what a commotion in the dr.s office with the staff   LOL... Dr. Jason was extremely impressed with your paperwork and procedures for shots and worming.  We told him about how cool your facitily is... he said with how you handle things and how healthy the boys are, we are off to a great start.
THANK YOU!!!!!!!
Sent: Sunday, June 19, 2011 8:31 PM
To: Paula Collins
Subject: Hello from Austin

Hi Paula,

I hope this finds you all well and happy! Just though I'd give you a update on our little boy Dex. He has now been a part of our family for just over a year and to say that we love him is an understatement! We are all CRAZY in love with this special boy. He has had no issues with the heart murmur detected when he was a puppy.  This is one happy & joyful dog! We love to watch him in play mode, hilarious ! He does this cute circle dance when he is very happy! Does his parents do this as well? He has even got my mom's 2 older toy poodles to play like puppies again. His attitude is infectious and we can't imagine  our life without him. 

Thanks so much!
Sent: Monday, July 18, 2011 12:07 AM
Cc: Heather Sebring
Subject: IMG_0528

Hello Paula,  About a year ago, our family adopted one of your puppies, a miniature black male.   He has brought so much joy to our lives that we would like to get him a little brother or sister.   We are interested in the Apricot Male born on 7/7.  Is he still available?  What is his personality like?  We would love your opinion....    Anyway,  we will call you in the morning to discuss and arrange for payment.   

I also wanted to include a picture of " Herbie" enjoying a pleasant summer afternoon with my wife, Heather and daughter, Sophia.   I'm sure Sophia would want you to know his full name - "Herbie Pupcake Razamatazzberry Sebring".  As you might have figured out, Sophia named him herself.   We just can't believe how sweet, smart, handsome, and well behaved Herbie is.   Everyone who comes in contact with him comments on what a handsome, good boy he is.   

Looking forward to speaking with you,

Jim, Heather, Sophia, and Herbie Sebring

Sent: Sunday, July 24, 2011 8:44 PM
To: Paula Collins
Subject: Dari update pictures from Jill Boyd

Hi Paula,
I hope this email finds you and your family well and staying cool! I have a few pictures of my beautiful and spunky Darci Lynne to share.

She is now 14 months old and we have completed our pre-agility classes and will begin to train in beginner agility. She is very fast and loves the challenge of the courses. I will be the one that may not be able to keep up with the quick little poodle.
Best regards,

Sent: Sunday, July 31, 2011 8:56 PM
Subject: Tuffield Boys

Hi Paula! I'm glad to hear you are feeling better!!!!!!
Cooper, Gunner and Panda are doing just GREAT! They recently had thier first grooming... they look adorable, especially since we can see their faces for the first time.....
Panda is starting to develop brown patches like his dad..... so he has black, white and brown..... it looks very cool....

FYI... when they first visited the vet... Panda 2.8, Gunner 3.0 and Cooper 3.2 as of Wednesday... they are all 5.2 lbs....
My annual Christmas Open House is scheduled for December 10 2 pm until after midnight... I hope you guys can come see my Christmas trees and the boys....
Thank you again... we are blessed to have the boys and they are doing fantastic!!!!


Sent: Sunday, June 26, 2011 9:03 AM
Subject: Day 1....

Day 1 with our new puppy has been wonderful! He has been renamed...3 times. His last and final name is Tyson! I think it suits him. He has not had not one accident. He follows Noah around everywhere. The only problem we have found so far is he cried all night long! I took the other crate back and got the smaller one but I feel like it is going to be too small and I am thinking about taking it back to get the bigger one and a divider. He did not eat at all yesterday which worried me at first but this morning he did. I think he was just too excited! If you have any suggestion for night time please let me know! Should I cover his crate? Leave a light on? I'm thinkin he just needs to adjust and then I'm hoping the sleepin situation will get better. I took 128 pictures of Tyson yesterday so I'll send you some soon.

Thanks so much,
The Sorge's