Belly Bands

Specially made to train your little boy to hold himself until time to potty outside. Completely washable, slight stretch for proper fit, adjustable velcro on top of back and comes in various colors and fabrics.

"tango's" belly bands

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Tango's Haus has manufactured these belly bands since 1981 and we have used them in our Texas Poodle kennel for many years now.  We have sold them over the internet, at dog shows, dog sporting events, dog markets, the World Trade Center in Dallas, Texas and various other venues. 

These belly bands last for a long time and are very comfortable, which means that the dog will leave them alone and that means wearability is a great factor in our "Tango's Belly Bands" and ours are the best on the market.

When we  manufacture the "Tango's Belly Band" for male dogs, we manufacture them to last.  These bands fit perfectly and have a washable padded center insert for holding urine, as that area needs to stay as dry as possible for your pet's protection and "Tango's Belly Band" is made so that it is hard for your baby to get it off.                                                                                Paula Collins, Owner