Gold colored Iron Pet Bed with Faux Fur pillow filled with poly cotton.


Pet Beds & Pillows

Pet Beds, Waterproof, Washable with poly cotton lining with zipper

Waterproof & chew resistant, zippered, poly/cotton filled pet pillows. Comes in three sizes, two colors, are completely washable and you can change the stuffing when needed....


Iron Pet Bed with Zebra stripped pillow.  Washable, waterproof lining with poly cotton.
Iron Pet Bed in Gold color with pillow.


We are a family owned pet supply business and we have been manufacturing our own products in Texas for many, many years.  We were so tired of paying such high prices for products for our own Tiny Toy, Toy and Miniature Poodle business that we decided to start manufacturing items that everyone could afford.  We still practice that today!!  We use only the best materials in our pet beds and pillows and the pillows listed below deflect water, have a waterproof lining and are machine washable.  You can remove the inside batting and replace it over and over, which helps to get rid of any parasite that may attack your pets.  We have manufactured our pet supplies here in North Texas, near Dallas/Ft. Worth for many years and we love being able to help people with their pet supplies at a reasonable price.  We sell our pet supplies over the internet, at dog shows, dog sporting events, dog magazines, the Dallas World Trade Center and various other venues in Texas and around the world.  Please call or write with any questions you may have about our products.                                                           Paula Collins, Owner
Cheetah Pet Bed with Black Iron Frame, pillow included.
Gold colored Iron Pet Bed with Floral pillow.
Gold Iron Pet Bed frame.


Pet Travel Bed in Floral print and Faux Fur
Pet Travel Bed outside cover in Floral print

Faux Fur Inside

Floral Outside

Cash on Pet Travel Bed


Color of Bed
Color of Pillow