White Toy Poodle named Mandy owned by Judy and Jim
Miniature Parti Poodle named Zorro with owner Paula

Paula & Zorro
On vacation in Colorado

Creme Miniature Poodle male named AJ
Creme Miniature Poodle in snow

Miniature Poodles

Black Toy Poodle named Domino
Toy Poodle black male named Domino with protector Max

Carmen's Domino Toy Poodles & Max his protector

Black Toy Poodle male with his protector
Beautiful White Toy Poodle female
White Toy Poodle named Diamond
Toy Poodle female named Diamond

Toy Poodles are darling!

Brown Toy Poodle male puppy
Chocolate Toy Poodle male named Jasper

Jasper as baby, teenager and adult..
Tiny Toy Poodles are so cute!!

Black Poodle with Dianne and Nephew
Black Poodle named Sadie

Dianne, Sadie & Nephew

Miniature Poodle male and female all dressed up
Dream and Sundance are Miniature Poodles in parti color and sable
Miniature Parti Poodle female with litter

Dream & Sundance
Tri-Color & Sable
Miniature Poodles

Toy Poodle named Sadie owned by Diane with bows

Owned by Diane

Brown Toy Poodle owned by Ebonye

Sneakers - Owned by Ebonye

Sisters - Owned by Susan
Beautiful Poodle Puppies!

Miniature Poodle sisters owned by Susan
Black Toy Poodle with Andrea
Black Toy Poodle with friend

Black Toy in New York, NY - owned by Andrea

Toy Phantom Poodle sisters and wonderful Rotti protector, Nikki, in California - owned by Linda

Apricot Toy Poodle female named Sophie
Apricot Toy Poodle female owned by the Price family

Sophie - Owned by the Price family

"Here are some pics of Sophie. Most of them are of her sleeping but, believe me she has been full of energy. She is already potty trained and doing great. Thanks for everything."

Black Male Poodle with family

Roxie in Ontario Canada with Marla, Bailey, Jessie & Amanda

White Toy Poodle puppy Mandy

Mandy, owned by Judy and Jim Anderson

Apricot Poodle female Sophie at Halloween
Toy Poodle Sophie out with friend for a walk

Sophie as Ladybug for Halloween and with friend for a walk!!
Poodle puppies love to play dress up!!

Poodle male named Troy with his wonderful friend Tonya
Silver Brindle Toy Poodle puppy

Troy with Tonya taking a nap and playing with his new toy!
Poodle puppies have to rest after a long day of play...

Dear Linda with the girls before she succumbed to Cancer, she is greatly missed!!
Red Sable Toy Poodle name Koko

Koko, owned by Wanda

Toy Poodle male in Chocolate color
Apricot Toy Poodle named Cinnamon with Miho going to Japan

Miho and Cinnamon
They are taking their baby back to Japan

Tiny Toy Black Poodle female named Candy with owner Jean

Jean and Candy
Tiny Toy Poodles - so sweet!!

Dark Brown Toy Poodle name Sophie and owned by Gail

Sophie, owned by Gail

Black Miniature Poodle male Chinook owned by Ray and Judy

Chinook, owned by Ray & Judy
He loves to go out on the water!

Red Toy Poodle male Dakota owned by Jessica

Dakota, owned by Jessica
He is the sunshine of her life!

Apricot Toy Poodle female
SilverBeige Miniature Poodle
SilverBeige Miniature Poodle male
Tiny Toy Poodle
White Tiny Toy Poodle named Gigi

GiGi -
owned by Jesse & Norma
As a baby and all grown up!!!

Miniature Poodle males Rusty and Zorro in Austin, Texas

RussDee & Zorro
Miniature Poodles
Paula's second pup from me with Zorro, #1

New Picture of Zorro

Red Miniature Poodle male named Reagan


Teddy Bear owned by the Huffmire's
pictured above with Jacob as a puppy & on couch when almost grown

This is Reagan, adopted by the Lloyds in Texas and pictured are his new big brothers Flopsy and Chance.  Chance, now an Angel, will watch over his two little brothers from Rainbow Bridge.

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Poodle puppies

Tango's Haus almost always has poodles for sale in most sizes and colors.  If we do not have the poodles for sale that you are interested in we will gladly tell you when they will be born so that you can get back into touch with us for your new puppy.  Tango's Haus poodles for sale are very reasonably priced.

Oh that Zorro . . . he loves to get his picture taken.

Miniature Parti Poodle named Zorro that loves to get his picture taken
Phantom Toy Poodle sisters owned by Linda in California
White Tiny Toy Poodle female owned by Jesse and Norma