Hong Kong, China

Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2007 3:20 AM
Subject: Regarding Peppy & His Photo
Dear Paula,
How are you? Peppy is very lovely & always so polite to people. He can do some
actions such as sit, hand, down, stand, “give me five” and catch the toy to me after throw.
Last Sunday, we bring him to the habour which is a new facility for dogs near our home. The photo was taken there.
He sleep with us everynight and like to eat chicken, egg, vegetables, fruit…………So Much!!!! But, he is still healthy and slim.
He is a coward when a car crossing behind. He thrill and scare. By the way, he likes to follow Sharen only. I am the second or third…………choice. Oh………………….!
Sharen would like to thank you and deeply appreciated that to let her have Peppy.
We bless you have a good health.


Peppy, Bambi and Pooh at their home in Hong Kong, China Such a WONDERFUL home!!

Peppy with Sharen on arrival in Hong Kong, China

Peppy, on arrival, next to Pooh with Sharen in Hong Kong