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Tango's Haus almost always has poodle puppies for adoption, but since we are a small kennel that does not breed our females on every heat, sometimes we do not have the poodle puppies in the size or color that you are looking for.  We can however, give you a very good idea of when we will have the poodle puppies in the color and size that you want.  You can put up a deposit for a future puppy, which is refundable if we do not produce the color and size of puppy you are requesting.

Be aware of "puppy mills" and websites on the internet that take money for advertising clients that they do not know personally and describe their Poodle websites as "no puppy mills", because they have no way to know if the people that advertise on their sites are "puppy mills" or not as they do NOT go out and inspect the breeders place of business EVER!!  Make sure that you do go out and inspect the kennel, if possible, BEFORE you adopt your next Poodle and make sure that that the Poodle puppy is AKC registered, as the American Kennel Club is the ONLY registry in the USA that has ever been included into the FCI, which is the World Union of dog clubs worldwide. You are always welcome to get in touch with me for a good healthy Poodle puppy.

If you are permanent in the Knoxville area and are interested in breeding you can contact me for information on my Guardian Program. We are now accepting limited applications for future guardian homes in Knoxville, TN.

AKC Moyen/Miniature LItter in Fall of 2023

          Elsa is a 20 pound Tri Moyen that is structurally perfect and DNA genetically perfect.  She will be bred to my Miniature male, Derry, this Fall for Moyen and Miniature puppies.  Elsa is a Brown/Red/White Tri and Derry is a Red/Apricot Parti Abstract that also carries Tri.  This will be…

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RICO – AKC Brown/White Parti, DNA – ADOPTED!!!

Rico – AKC Miniature Poodle Male, 1 year, DNA Disease & DNA Color Traits tested, Hips pre-lim done!! Already proven breeder!! ADOPTED!!!

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Altered Adults Available


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The "Original" Puppy Pouches

Tango's Haus is the "original" manufacturer of the "Puppy Pouch"!!  We started our manufacturing business in Texas in 1981 and even though there are several manufacturers that are now copying our Puppy Pouch, we are still the best made in the business.  We use only the best materials, webbing, velcro and buckles that are available on the market today.  Our "Puppy Pouch" is completely washable and comfortable for your pet.  We have put many years of trials into our "Puppy Pouch" and since we also raise Tiny Toy, Toy and Miniature Poodles, we also have a lot of experience with our own product by carrying our puppies to parks, bike riding, hiking and anywhere you can take your pet with you.  We have sold our "Puppy Pouch" on the internet, at dog shows, dog sporting events, the World Trade Center in Dallas, Texas and many other venues in Texas and all over the world.

Our "Puppy Pouch" also doubles as a car seat by putting the straps around the headrest in your back seat, threading the seat belt through the bottom of the "Puppy Pouch" and then snapping it into the seat belt latch.  You can then put your puppy into the pouch and he is secure while you are traveling.

If you have any questions about our "Puppy Pouch", please do not hesitate to call or email us and we will help you in any way that is possible.

Black/White Check
Black/White Check
Blue w/ White Dot
Blue w/ White Dot
Burnt Orange
Burnt Orange
Pale pink <BR>Quilted
Pale pink
Burnt Orange Print<BR>Quilted
Burnt Orange Print
Blue paisley<BR>Quilted
Blue paisley
Black print<BR>Quilted
Black print
Burnt Orange <BR>w/Silk Lining <BR>SM size only
Burnt Orange
w/Silk Lining
SM size only
Burnt Orange<BR> w/Velvet Lining <BR>MED size only
Burnt Orange
w/Velvet Lining
MED size only
Lt Pink (left) <BR>
Blue denim (SM only)
Lt Pink (left)
Blue denim (SM only)
Cheetah & Shiny Snake <br>w/Faux Fur
Cheetah & Shiny Snake
w/Faux Fur
Patchwork Quilt, Green Giraff & Shiny Snake
Patchwork Quilt, Green Giraff & Shiny Snake

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