Poodle Colors

There were no Solid color Poodles when the breed was originally formed in Europe and this diversity of color still exists in our Poodle of today. Over the years, most show breeders "culled" these original colors, as they wanted the Poodle to only be in Solid colors. This has not removed the "original" colors from the Poodle gene pool, but has only reduced it's diversity. The original colors of Black/Tan Phantom and Black/White Harlekin Parti's are still being shown in Europe today in Confirmation Competition.
We have been breeding Poodle puppies for since 1965 and over the years, these "original" Poodle colors have been born to our Solid color stock. We now breed our Poodles in all colors in Miniature and Moyen Poodle sizes and have found them to be much more free of disease and genetic problems than most Solid color line bred Poodles being bred today. We have also been able to reproduce these colors in whole litters, proving their color dominance is not a "One Time Accident".
The colors that we produce are; Parti (Harlequin), Phantom, Brindle, Sable, True Tri-Color, Abstract and a few solid color Poodles. I am providing you with examples of these colors from my own kennel on this page.   These pictures are not intended for general use, but only to show the true diversity of the Poodle that began many, many years ago and are still being produced today. We also offer Miniature Stud Service. All Poodles are DNA'd, including new puppies!

Paula Collins, Owner

Tango's Haus almost always has poodles for sale, but since we do not breed our females on every heat sometimes we do not have the poodles for sale in the size or color that you are wanting. We can however, give you a very good idea of when we will have the poodle puppies in the color and size that you want. You can put up a deposit for a future puppy, which is refundable if we do not produce the color and size of puppy you are requesting. We offer Miniature Stud Service.

S- Standard Color A- Alternate Color

Pricing, Shipping Costs, and Health Guarantee

Tango's Haus Kennels is a small family owned kennel, which is located in Knoxville, TN 37921.  We are very proud of our Poodles that we have raised for so many years. We breed  Miniature and Moyen Poodles in all colors. We have no favorite color, but love them all equally. We are very strict in following the AKC guidelines for structure and a good attitude is a MUST HAVE in our Poodle babies.

We welcome all to our kennels and if you are too far away to come to visit, then we make sure that you are comfortable in your choice BEFORE you are asked to put up a deposit on a puppy.  Deposits are refundable or transferable up to when you decide on a puppy. If you decide to put up a deposit on a puppy that is already born, then that deposit is non-refundable if you later decide to not purchase that puppy, but you can apply that same deposit towards a different puppy at a later date from a different litter or a different puppy in the same litter. If you put up a deposit on a litter that has not been born yet, the deposit is refundable if I do not produce the sex or color that you have decided on or you can decide to leave the deposit for a future litter. This is the only way that a deposit is refundable.

Final payment is due when your puppy reaches 7 weeks of age unless prior arrangements are made.  All puppies are scheduled to be picked up at 8 weeks of age, unless it is a very small puppy or it is a holiday and prior arrangements have been made. The amount of time that I will hold a puppy for any individual is governed simply by the amount of space that I have available in my kennel and is not set by any other standard. If you fail to fulfill any of these requirements within the alloted time limit then the money that you have put up on the puppy will be considered forfeited, the sale will be considered null and void and the puppy will be put back on my website for adoption.  If we have pre-arranged a late pick-up date for your puppy, then you will also have to pay a slight pre-arranged fee for that service.  This service fee will vary with the amount of time and work involved.

Miniature/Moyen Poodle Prices

AKC Miniature/Moyen - Puppies in all colors listed below

AKC limited registration - Pet Only - NO PAPERS TILL PROOF OF SPAY/NEUTER - MUST be spayed or neutered - Solid, Phantom, Parti and Abstract

  • Males - $2000.00
  • Females- $2500.00

AKC full registration - Solid, Phantom, Parti and Abstract, tested WITHOUT Tri color

  • Males - $2800.00
  • Females - $3200.00

  • Tri-Color Miniature

    AKC Tri-Color full registration

    • Males - $3800.00
    • Females - $3800.00

     ***See Poodle Colors page for example of color in my Poodles...


Paula Collins

AKC Miniature/Moyen in all colors listed below

AKC limited registration - Pet Only - Must be spayed or neutered - Solid, Phantom, Parti or Abstract    

  • Males - $2800.00  
  • Females - $3200.00 

AKC full registration - Solid, Phantom, Parti and Abstract

  • Males - $3200.00  
  • Females - $3800.00 

AKC full registration - Solid, Phantom, Parti and Abstract - Color Tested for Tri-Color

  • Males - $3800.00  
  • Females - $4200.00  

AKC Tri-Color Miniature Poodle 

  • Males - $4500.00
  • Females - $4500.00       

 ***See Poodle Colors page for example of color in my Poodles...

Shipping Prices

My puppies are sent out of McGhee Tyson Airport in Knoxville, TN. If you want or need a puppy or grown Poodle to be shipped to you by Pet Nanny, then the price for shipping is $550.00. I cannot predict what the airlines are doing any longer for shipping with air cargo. I can check for you if that is the way you want the puppy shipped, but the safest way for a puppy to fly is with a Pet Nanny.

Pet Nanny Shipping price includes all flight fees and a health certificate from my veterinarians at Butler Veterinary Clinic to certify the health of your new puppy.

You can also fly in to McGhee Tyson Airport in Knoxville, TN and I can meet you there with the puppy, soft carrier and health certificate so that you can immediately make a return flight back to your home or you are welcome to drive to my home and pick up your puppy. There are many places for an overnight stay near my home.

Health Guarantee

Please email for a copy of Tango Haus's health guarantee.

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