“Zoe” Mclain

Sent: Saturday, August 25, 2012 4:59 PM
To: paula@tangoshaus.com
Subject: The sweetest pup in the world !!!!

Thank you Paula. This “being” gave Cindy and I 10 1/2 years of such happiness. She could make my worst day into the best. She gave Cindy the friendship that her best human friend could never give. Our days will never be the same without her with us. She could read us like a book. She waited for me to come home everyday near the end to spend the 30 minutes of energy she had saved up to play or just be with us. I have lost family members and had many tough times in our lives but having to send our GURL home due to spleen cancer was up there with them all. I am 53 yrs old and still cry like a little girl on most days when thinking or talking about her. I will never forget her as I told her in the weeks prior to letting go. I told her in her ear she would be with me “EDOML”, Every Day Of My Life. When the time is right we will only come back to you and George to start our poodle adventure over. We can not ever repay you both for what you gave to us. God Bless Paula and God Bless George.

With our Love, Cindy and Mark McLain